1. Why do SportFit?

Join SportFit and give your students the chance to explore summer and winter sports and activities.computer.jpg


Register with SportFit and your students will discover how much fun being active can be!

To start SportFit, simply register to set up an account. You will receive a Challenge ID that can be used to track a group, a class or an individual student. The Challenge ID results are stored and allows you to compare results over a period of time.

SportFit connects kids with the activities that are right for them by collecting their personal challenge scores and their preferences, then tabulating custom results. Each student receives a certificate listing the top three summer and winter sports that match his or her physical abilities and interests.

See Step 2 to find out how the Challenge works.


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Download a Data Collection Form (for teachers and leaders).

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2. See SportFit in action

SportFit helps connect children and youth to the activities that are right for them through eight easy and fun physical activity stations and one fast online questionnaire. To see what it's like to do the Challenge, watch the eight activity station videos and see SportFit in action.

SportFit Vertical Jump Sit and Reach
800m Run Partial Curl-Ups 30m Sprint
Stork Stand T-Drill Basketball Throw
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The Challenge is made up of eight easy and fun activity stations that measure power, flexibility, balance, strength, muscular endurance, agility, speed, and aerobic capacity. In order to learn more about a specific station, simply pick a video to watch from the list below.

3. Learn how SportFit works

Now put SportFit to work - it tabulates customized results for each student after they enter their station data and complete a fast, online questionnaire. SportFit matches an individual's physical abilities and interests to the top three summer and winter sports that fit them!

Today's Top Five Picks from SportFit

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Discover how changing data can change the recommended sports. Use the sliders below to see what happens when you change activity station results, your age, or select boy or girl.

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(Explosive Power)
(Aerobic Fitness)
(Muscular Endurance)